So, do the Orioles have any more like this guy down on the farm?

There you have it. The answer to the Orioles' pitching problems was pretty simple all along -- just bring up a guy from the minors every fourth day or so, hand him the ball and let him go out and throw like Sandy Koufax.

Who can figure out why a pitcher like Chris Waters, the lefty the Orioles brought up from Norfolk to serve as a fill-in starter last night and who has spent nine seasons in the minors, can come in against one of the best teams in baseball, on the road, and pitch eight innings of one-hit shutout ball. Waters' highly unexpected performance was the story of last night's 3-0 Orioles' win over the L.A. Angels.

Manager Dave Trembley summed it up this way: "Gosh, we didn't expect it, [but] we'll take it" And: "Boy, you talk about a shot in the arm, a big lift for our club."

Aubrey Huff said that Waters "took out nine years of frustration on the best team in baseball."

So can Waters be an answer for a team that has precious few dependable starters? Or was it simply an unknown quantity having a career night?

We're certainly going to find out because he's not going back to Norfolk just yet.


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