Orioles miss chance with ace Guthrie

Last night's Orioles game, a 6-3 loss to Boston, is indicative of how fragile the pitching situation is for Baltimore.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched another good game -- two runs in seven innings -- but was bested by Jon Lester who was just a little bit better, seven innings, one run.  And the Red Sox beat up the O's bullpen for four more.  So now that the Orioles lose a game with their ace, they have Daniel Cabrera tonight against Dice-K.  Daisuke Matsuzaka is 14-2 with a 2.74 ERA.  The night after that, it would appear that the Orioles get a break with a pitcher over 6.00 ERA but it also happens to be Clay Buchholtz who threw a no-hitter against them a year ago.  Meanwhile, Dave Trembley keeps looking for starters and keeps coming up with the same names that he's already exiled to the minors at least once.  Are you ready for Liz Radhames and Brian Burres?  Those are the guys likely to replace Garrett Olson and Dennis Sarfate.

On the bright side, Guthrie managed to hold Boston to two runs despite not having his best stuff.  He gave up five walks.  You wonder if he was trying to be too fine because of the close game.  But to keep the Orioles in the game on a night when he was getting only about half of his pitches over the plate speaks well of his maturity as a pitcher.


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