At least Phase One seems resolved, Favre won't be a Packer

The final chapter of Brett Favre's career in Green Bay was written yesterday when Favre and head coach Mike McCarthy seemed to come away from meetings with the same conclusion that both the Packers and Favre have to move on from this point.

From what can be inferred from the comments of both Favre and McCarthy, the quarterback is having a difficult time getting past what he apparently believes was duplicitous behavior on the part of team management. And even if Favre could have put that behind him, there's the issue of whether a QB competition between the future Hall of Famer and Aaron Rodgers would have been fair. Apparently, no one will ever know the answer to that.

The next stage seems to be trying to find another NFL team who can come up with a deal for Favre. By now, everyone knows who the likely candidates are: Tampa Bay and the New York Jets. Here's McCarthy talking about what would seem to be the end of the Favre era in Green Bay.

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