The Brett Favre concert: And the beat goes on

I'm going through stages on the Brett Favre story.

First, like most other folks (I'm assuming), Favre's unretirement had me saying "Wow" and rolling my eyes. We had all seen that movie before and right from the very beginning in March, you had a sneaking suspicion this might happen.

Then the Packers' reaction about sticking with Aaron Rodgers had me thinking, "Gee, this could get interesting." And then it started getting semi-ugly with Favre implying the Packers weren't being truthful about who said what and the list of teams began to emerge of who Favre might be traded to and I thought, ""All right, enough, get it over with."

And now we have a situation where the Packers' team president is taking private jets to Mississippi for a summit with Favre and his agent, news reports that Green Bay offered him $20 million to stay retired, that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is delaying approving Favre's reinstatement to allow for more time for an amicable resolution and that the Packers may be thinking the unthinkable, trading Favre to Minnesota or Chicago. Hey, I'm interested again.

As we mentioned yesterday, we're going to keep passing along the incremental news and our semi-novel contribution to the Favre coverage is going to be a concert of Favre-related music videos. This one is a country-western original by Dustin Bogue, It Was All About the Game.

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