'Big Brother 10': The house guests arrive

Guest blogger Patrick Gutierrez writes about the season premiere of Big Brother 10:

It’s Patrick, filling in for lovely new mom Sarah. The first episode is history, so let’s get to it!

There are 13 house guests this season, and for the first time since Season 3, there are no preexisting relationships among the contestants. The house guests are on their own ...

A quick breakdown of the cast:

Angie, 29: recently divorced pharmaceutical sales rep from Orlando, Fla.

April, 30: finance manager for a car dealership in Arizona

Brian, 27: phone salesman from California

Dan, 24: Catholic school teacher from Michigan

Jessie, 22: professional bodybuilder from Iowa

Jerry, 75: great-grandfather from Texas who served in the Marine Corps

Keesha, 29: Hooters girl from California

Libra, 31: mother of three from Texas who works in HR

Memphis, 25: “mixologist” (bartender) from Los Angeles

Michelle, 28: real estate agent from Rhode Island

Ollie, 27: son of a preacher from Minnesota

Renny, 53: beauty-salon owner from New Orleans

Steven, 35: gay rodeo competitor from Texas

The “unexpected” arrived earlier than ever, as contestants were forced to choose the first head of household (HOH) before they even entered the house. Unable to vote for themselves, each contestant cast their vote based on “first impressions and gut instinct.” The results were not immediately shared with the group.

The house mates were then allowed to move into the Big Brother house in three groups. Renny, Dan, Angie, Jessie and April were first up. Libra, Brian, Keesha and Memphis were next to enter the house, followed by Steven, Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie. The house mates spent some time getting to know each other, and then the house divided into two groups for the first competition. Someone needed to sit out and, before knowing what was at stake, Jessie volunteered.

With six players on each side, the two teams battled to stay off slop for the week. Jessie, for volunteering, automatically got food. But they were also playing for a classic car, and once Jessie found that out, he immediately regretted his decision not to play. The red team was Angie, Renny, Memphis, Steven, Dan and Michelle. The white team was Jerry, Ollie, Libra, April, Keesha and Brian. The competition entailed team members climbing into an upside-down VW bug suspended in midair and pulling it back and forth on a pulley system, picking up a gas can on one end and dropping it, and a player, on the other until there was one player left. The red team easily won the competition, and the last two teammates, Memphis and Steven, each claiming they didn’t have a car, played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would win. Memphis prevailed and selected the ‘69 Camaro over the ’66 Mustang.

Next, the mystery of the HOH vote was revealed. Showing no originality whatsoever, the majority of the house mates voted for the two oldest contestants. Jerry edged out Renny, 4 to 3, giving him the first HOH.

Brian and Dan quickly forged an alliance and brought Ollie into the fold. Brian went up to Jerry’s room to try to persuade him to keep him and his people off the chopping block. Luckily for him, Renny and Jessie made Jerry’s decision easy when they got into a little tiff late in the night. With the lights off and everyone in her room in their beds, Renny started acting mental, laughing and rambling, claiming the door was locked. Steven got up and opened the door, at which point Renny started making a high-pitched batlike sound over and over. Everyone was upset with her, but Jessie was the one dumb enough to make a big deal about it, and the two of them had a few words. Jerry took advantage of that and nominated both of them for eviction, noting that the two of them were bringing an uneasy vibe to the house.

That’s where we stand. Now, for my thoughts …

I can never figure out why so many contestants are so quick to judge each other. It really upsets me. That being said, here are the two contestants I dislike already:

Memphis: That guy rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s because he’s precisely the kind of bartender who’ll ignore me when I’m trying to buy a drink. That and he calls himself a “hustler.” Whatever, dude. Of course, he had to win the car. I hope that puts a big fat bulls-eye on his back.

Renny: The beauties hated her from the start (typical), but at least I waited until she gave me a legitimate reason. What was that in the bedroom? Do you think she’s mentally ill? If she is, do you have any moral qualms with sticking her in there?

I have a theory. (OK, I just came up with a theory, but I think it’s pretty solid.) If I don’t know your name after the first episode, you’re not going to win. The theory goes that because you didn’t do anything remarkable enough to get noticed, you don’t have what it takes to play the game.

Judging by her giving out free feels to everyone, it looks like April is making an early claim to the title of “house ... well, you know.” I’m sure there will be “more” of her to watch on BBAD (Big Brother After Dark).

Brian’s making moves too early, I think. That seems to come back to haunt you if you aren’t careful, and he doesn’t strike me as a good enough manipulator a la Dr. Will to pull it off.

I thought Jerry’s nominations were perfect. Two easy targets were presented, and he took them out. I doubt he’ll face any repercussions. Of course, it won’t matter. He’s clearly the Chicken George of the group. A complete nonthreat who will be kept around until it’s convenient to get rid of him. Still, he did offer my favorite line of the night. When Renny said, “You were a Marine?” he replied, “I’m still a Marine.” Semper Fi, Jerry!

What’d you think? Whom do you dislike so far?

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