My excellent Artscape adventure

I was sent to Artscape today to come back, quickly, with a good food story for tomorrow's paper. And not to be too long writing it because my editors wanted to go home at a reasonable hour. So what was the first thing I headed for when I finally found a place to leave the car?


Last year McDonald's sponsored it, so rides were free; but this year they cost $1. I haven't been on a ferris wheel in a million years, but I'm not afraid of heights. However, I find I am afraid of being in a moving vehicle, if you can call it that, without a seat belt. I began to be very uncomfortable that I wasn't strapped in. By the time I got down, I really didn't feel like eating some yummy Italian sausage and a gyro in the 100-degree heat. ...

I had a crab cake and a Coke from the Brass Elephant's booth (support your local festival food vendor) and headed for the Organic Food Court, which is what's new as far as food is concerned this year at Artscape.

It's in the parking lot across from the Charles Theatre, and not all of its offerings are organic. Minor detail. You can read more about it in my story tomorrow in The Sun.

But along the way there were some great exhibits. Not to be missed: the fantastically decorated art cars and the Heartbreak Cafe. I love the Heartbreak Cafe.

The blackboard menu says, "You may be unceremoniously dumped at the following times," and gives them.

You sit at the table, the waitress brings you a glass of water, and the performance artist comes and, well, breaks up with you.


(Photos by me) 

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