Irvin says Brett has been in charge all along

It's been several hours since the last incremental shred of news about Brett Favre and I don't know about you but I'm having withdrawal. It's actually getting addictive for me.

You know -- 10 a.m., Packers team president Mark Murphy boards unmarked private jet with undisclosed flight plan but headed due south; 1 p.m., Favre works out with local high school football team but leaves when he learns they won't let him compete for starting job, 3 p.m., unidentified league source tells ESPN's Chris Mortensen that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

So in the absence of substantial reports like the above, we have to bring you Michael Irvin's take on the Brett Favre situation in an interview with FOX Sports Radio Network's Out of Bounds. My favorite part is when the Playmaker suggest that Favre basically wants to go to Minnesota or Chicago just to spite the Packers.

So here it is, Irvin on Favre:

 "It is an ugly thing here going on, but there's no way I can imagine the Green Bay Packers being able to force Brett Favre's hand in March when we can't do it here in July. And its just the reality of it, they asked him, no matter how they asked him or how hard they asked him they have done it for years, 'Brett, we need a decision by March this or March that.' Brett had the right to say this decision is huge for me and I'm sorry, I'm not ready to make this decision…The worst thing I hate out of all of it is Brett saying he wants to go to Minnesota or Chicago because it seems like a spiteful move. 'These are two teams I know you will play against every year and I want to come back and hurt you guys'. Now, I don't say he should have any loyalty to front office because that battle will ensue always between player and front office because we are talking about money. But certainly, certainly to the fans of Green Bay they deserve something besides you going to Minnesota or Chicago and coming back saying 'I will eat you up', in your attempt to eat up Ted Thompson you will eat up the fans that who have supported you so long and loyalty should lie there, no doubt to me it's Brett's fault."

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