'Hell's Kitchen' finale: Christina Wins!

She won more challenges than any other competitor in the history of Hell's Kitchen. It was fitting that 25-year-old culinary student Christina Machamer defeated Louis Petrozza, a 47-year-old catering director, and took the top prize as the new executive chef of Chef Gordon Ramsay's London restaurant in West Hollywood. In addition to the new title, Christina also wins $250,000. Not bad.

"Christina had the least amount of experience going into Hell's Kitchen," Ramsay said. "But she had the most potential. I absolutely made the right decision."

I honestly had no idea whom Ramsay was going to chose. He was so complimentary of each contestant.

The win wasn't without some struggle. Controversial contestants Matt and Jen lived up to their bad reputations and nearly screwed it up for both contestants. Matt, who was working in Jen's kitchen, struggled with monkfish. Jen, who was working for Petrozza, struggled with onion rings! (Unbelievable!)

Overall, the final dinner service was pretty good.

"What a night!" Ramsay said. He told both that they did a good job during their service.

Both Petrozza and Christina sounded very confident going into the final decision. 

"I don't want to lose to Chrisitna," Petrozza said. "Christina's a kid. A very talented kid, but still a kid."

Christina had the last laugh.

(Photo courtesy of Fox) 


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