An elegant lunch on Saturday

Pamela just sent me this urgent plea, and I wasn't able to be of much use:

Help! I'd like to find some very memorable, distinct places for a weekend LUNCH (on saturday), and i'm coming up blank. Crabhouses are out of the question, and we'd like something chic but not stuffy. Some of the places i had in mind are either closed on saturday, or don't serve lunch! Do you have any recommendations for a somewhat elegant, fancy, gustatorily memorable lunch spot for entertaining an out of town guest? we'd like to do something nice for them!

The places that came to mind without my doing any research were the usual suspects: Gertrude's at the BMA and Donna's at Cross Keys for their outdoor eating spaces, maybe Brightons if she wants elegant (but it might be too stuffy for her). ... 

I'm drawing a blank otherwise because downtown restaurants that aren't tourist spots tend to be open for lunch only during the week.

I'm on deadline so I don't have time to call around or visit Web sites right now. Does anyone have any other ideas?

I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to sell her on a place like Ethel & Ramone's, pictured. Not chic enough. 

(Glenn Fawcett/Sun photographer)

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