Woods, Mediate in the midst of memorable golf moment

For all the credit one must give to Rocco Mediate for being in a playoff today with Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open, make no mistake about it -- Woods' biggest challenge in his own body.  It is ironic indeed that perhaps the most physically fit man to swing a golf club since Gary Player must overcome a physical disadvantage but that's exactly the strange situation in which Tiger finds himself.  Woods' repaired left knee has turned out to be a bigger challenge than most observers ever thought and now he has to push himself beyond 72 holes in what is always the most grueling tournament of the year.  If you're a golf fan and have a chance to see any of this, do it.  It is going to be one of golf's memorable, perhaps even historic moments.  It's scheduled to be on ESPN from noon to 2 p.m. and on NBC from 2 p.m. to its conclusion.


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