Miami report: Possible thaw between Taylor, Dolphins

A Jason Taylor article in the Miami Herald today was a little surprising in that some Dolphins observers down there do not think it is inevitable that Taylor will be traded.

In a Miami Herald article, it was reported that new coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland attended Taylor's charity gala last night. It was interpreted as a sign that Taylor's relationship with higher-ups is not beyond salvage.  How much of that is significant and how much of it was just PR is a debatable -- after all, the charity benefits children in South Florida.  I would be much more impressed if Bill Parcells had showed up and thrown an arm around Taylor's shoulder.

While the Dolphins aren't going to simply give away Taylor, it just does not make sense that they keep a guy who has already said that he's retiring after this season.  There is no value in it for Miami.  By the time the Dolphins are playoff-ready, Taylor will be in Hollywood.

Taylor has said he wants to go out a winner and while he doesn't have much of a say in the matter, realistically, the teams that would be willing to trade for him would have to be in a category of believing they have a shot at the Super Bowl this season.  That narrows the field to teams that are A) Playoff contenders, B) Have the cash/cap room/financial creativity to sign Taylor, C) Are willing to give up the future draft picks/player it would take to swing a deal.

That seems to have Washington Redskins written all over it (certainly not Baltimore Ravens so as some of my Sun colleagues have pointed out, you can forget about Taylor playing in Baltimore).  The Eagles could think about it.  Taylor could push Cleveland over the top.  Dallas has come up but that's because Dallas always comes up.

In the end, Parcells will call the shot -- even if it's to keep Taylor and send a message that he's the one who dictates who goes where and does what within the organization.




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