Guillen's remark gets his boss' attention -- again

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's intemperate remarks have become the stuff of legend and unfortunately, it's beginning to define him as a manager.

The White Sox still lead their division even after a close loss to the Rays yesterday but Guillen was on a rant following a 4-3 10-inning loss at Tampa Bay.  During his post-game routine where he hit the occasional blue note, as is his habit, Guillen questioned everyone on the team, including himself, and then put the ball in general manager Kenny Williams' court when he said: "I expect [general manager] Kenny [Williams] to do something Tuesday. Because if we don't do anything Tuesday, there's [going to be] a lot of change in the lineup. That's all I'm going to say about the offense."

Williams' response in a Chicago Sun-Times article:

''Very interesting, very disappointing. ... It's never a good idea to throw your boss under the bus, especially when that boss has had his back as much as I have. I guess that lineup will be real interesting to see on Tuesday.

''We have the horses. Everyone has to stay positive and keep grinding. If you're looking for a quick fix personnel-wise, with the climate right now, you're not going to get it. I expect more of everyone in that uniform and certainly the guy leading the team on the field.''

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