Music video: Lakers-Celtics, a look back and a glimpse ahead

Speaking of TV ratings. If the NBA is ever going to break out of its ratings funk for its championship series, this would seem to be the year to do it. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics begin their championship struggle on Thursday on ABC.

Lakers-Celtics is a pairing made in Nielsen Heaven. You have some of the best-known names in the game playing, somewhat contrasting styles and, of course, a rich history with memorable battles in the 1980s.

Interestingly, singer-sogwriter Ryan Parker recorded this musical srapbook of those 1980s showdowns between the Celtics and Lakers nearly three weeks ago when the current pairing was far from decided. So, he's not only a talented musician but a pretty fine prognosticator as well. You may have to turn up the sound just a bit at the lower right of the video screen, there's a volume regulator to the right of the little loudspeaker icon (slide it to the right for more volume).

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