Ever heard of Hooper's?

Hung out at a little corner bar called Hooper's the other night.

It's right by Saute (2844 Hudson St.), but I can't find anything about it online -- which makes me like it even more ...

My buddy Fenton and I were the only ones there besides the bartender, who sat on a stool and watched The Perfect Storm on a big flat screen TV.

The TV, much like the beer prices, were way out of place. A bottle of Yuengling (none of the taps work) cost $3! But a game of pool was only 50 cents. Hmmm ...

I liked the wood paneling on the walls. Even though the smoking ban started months ago, the place still had a lingering odor of ciggys.

If the beer was cheaper I'd drop by the next time I'm in the area. But Saute is only a block over, and a draft of Clipper City McHenry was about $4 there. So I'll take a bigger selection of better beer for a buck more.

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