Cross Street stink revisited

I'm particularly proud of this early MS post about the stench on Cross Street.

And since it's summertime, Saturday and Sunday mornings can be almost unbearable.

Have a look ... 

Federal Hill needs to hire one of the local fire departments to hose down both East and West Cross Streets by the market every Saturday and Sunday morning.

The sour stink from the night before is usually so strong that pinching your nose does nothing. Ever tried to walk to one of the boutiques there and been turned away by the smell?

Maybe if that section of Federal Hill wasn’t such a magnet for meatheads and immature drinkers, it wouldn’t have that problem. But every time I walk down those stretches of Cross Street on weekends, the smell persists. It gets even worse in the hot, sticky summer months.

It really shouldn’t be up to the fire department, but I can’t think of a more realistic solution. That crowd should be able to hold its beer and liquor, or not drink until they get sick in the street. But that’s like asking the sun to set in the east.

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