Chipped teeth and The Hold Steady

Last week I sat down to talk to rockers The Hold Steady about their new album Stay Positive.

In passing, lead singer and guitarist Craig Finn said he always puts foam wind guards over his microphone.

I asked why and shuddered at his answer. ...

(Photo by Getty Images) 

Turns out, Finn has chipped three teeth from accidentally biting into mikes at gigs. Three. Yeesh.

When I saw them live later that night, it made sense. They were the most animated band I saw all weekend.

Finn hopped around the stage and sang until his face turned red. Guitarist Tad Kubler swigged from a bottle of Jim Beam and unloaded some sizzling riffs on the audience.

And the keyboardist Franz Nicolay (with his mustache, beret driver's cap and necktie) looked like a mashup video game character Mario and a Frenchman. He bit off the cork from a bottle of red wine and took big pulls between songs.

We couldn't have asked for a more high-energy show.

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