Video: Benson in police custody

The Travis County Sheriff's Office has released a tape of Chicago Bears' running back Cedric Benson in custody. The sheriff's office is not the agency that arrested Benson -- that was the Lower Colorado River Authority.

To be frank, the video shows nothing more than Benson walking through a booking facility, apparently compliant. It illustrates little about the events in dispute that involve Lower Colorado River Authority police. It was the river authority police who boarded Benson's boat last weekend and placed him under arrest for allegedly boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest. He was pepper-sprayed when, they said, he was threatening.

Benson has denied being being either intoxicated or uncooperative and has hired a lawyer to fight the charges.

Meanwhile, another witness who saw Benson on land being escorted by police after his arrest suggested they used unnecessarily force on the player.

Toby Patch, who was not a member of Benson's boating party, said:

"As they were taking him up the dock, they stopped. He said, 'I am fine, I can continue walking,' and they put their legs behind his knees and knocked him over his knees and started hog-carrying him," Patch told an Austin TV station.

"They ended up — I don't know why — but laid him on his back, I heard him say, 'Please don't pepper-spray me, please don't pepper-spray me.' It was uncalled for, it was ludicrous, no point for it."

So for whatever it's worth, here's the video of Benson in custody.

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