The Eat in Season Challenge


Faithful readers of this blog know that when it comes to locavores, I love the concept and hate the word. It's sounds vaguely unpleasant, like tourists who devour local people. But that's just me. Like I say, I love the concept, and I love the fact that Slow Food Baltimore has convinced a number of restaurants to prepare a whole menu based entirely on ingredients that are locally sourced, in season or traditionally preserved. ...


I'm sure the group would like to get more restaurants involved, but right now there are eight. Each one is given one week a month. The line up is Watertable, May 19-26; Brass Elephant, June 17-22, Joe Squared Pizza, July 18-24; Donna's, Aug. 9-16; Gertrude's at the BMA, Sept. 16-21 (with apologies to pete); Chameleon Cafe, Oct. 11-18; Tapas Teatro, Nov. 8-15; and One World Cafe Dec. 8-15.

What I'd like to do is post a reminder before each week, and then hope some of you try it out and post a mini-review. I'll try to find out what's on each menu closer to the actual week.

I heard from Federal Hill Jim recently that he'd had a good locally sourced meal at Watertable, so maybe he could give us a preview from his experience. 

(Photo courtesy of Slow Food Baltimore Web site) 

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