Season finale tonight on 'America's Next Top Model'

Guest blogger John-John Williams IV reports:

I was wondering how many insults Dominique could absorb before bowing out?

Miss J kept on referring to her as a transgender man week after week. Even I thought it was cruel. (OK, no I didn’t. But if I had a heart I, probably would have objected.)

Anywho, Dominique was simply the weakest of the remaining contestants last week. It was her time to go. Dominique’s exit has set up a final three that has been fixed from the beginning.

I have a horrible suspicion that the judges are going to give the top prize to Whitney, the plus-sized model. Week after week, Whitney has informed viewers that a plus-sized contestant has never been named America’s Next Top Model. (It’s almost as if the show’s producers have enforced a quota so that the viewers will grasp the magnitude of Whitney’s win during the season finale. Frankly, this force-feeding method is insulting. It’s probably one of my biggest gripes with the show.) Whitney is pretty. But, she’s not the strongest contestant. She shouldn’t win.

Anya takes wonderful photographs. But let's face it. She’s kind of dumb. At times she gives Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless character a run for her money. Whitney routinely refers to Anya as “blonde.” Even Tyra all-but-called Anya “dumb” in an exchange on the judges panel a couple of episodes ago.

Fatima, on the other hand has overcome female circumcision. She nailed the Italian script during the Covergirl commercial a couple of episodes ago. She’s elegant, and poised when she speaks. Yes, she ruffles the feathers at times. She’s also judgmental as hell. But, overall I think the has the looks and the effective communication skills needed to be the face of the competition.
I honestly think that Fatima should win.

Guess we’ll see during the season finale 8 p.m. tonight on the CW.

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