Not so stunning finale for 'Top Model'

Guest blogger John-John Williams IV reports:

As predicted, Tyra Banks and company gave the top prize to Whitney, the full-figure model from Florida.

I hate to write “I told you so,” but I totally predicted that Whitney would win. I also alluded to the fact that the judges thought Anya was stupid. (Did anyone catch Paulina Porizkova say that the Hawaiian beauty looked “stupid” in her Covergirl photo?)

Anywho, the judges eliminated Fatima after she delivered a “robot-like” Covergirl commercial. (Fatima was very gracious in her departure. She promised that the world had not seen the last of her. Blah, blah, blah…)

After Fatima exited the show, it was time for Whitney and Anya to take to the catwalk for the final challenge: a fashion show featuring Versace designs. (It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds.)
I was really disappointed in this year’s fashion show. There was no real heat coming off that runway.

Last cycle, Salesha and Chantel had a memorable runway show. (Chantel tripped a man on stilts. It was hilarious.) The cycle before that, Jaslene and Natasha stomped their way up and down the runway, which generated some serious heat.

This cycle, Anya and Whitney lacked the pizzaz and attitude that have become synonymous with the season finale for the show.

In past walkoffs, the camera would pan to Tyra, who would yell words of encouragement. This year, she was almost silent throughout the fashion show. (Tyra had to realize that this finale was pretty weak.)

If this is the best that the talent pool has to offer, I think that the show needs a new burst of inspiration.

What if the producers lured back past favorites who fell short of winning the title for an all-star season? (Heck, it works for MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules!)

I think an America’s Next Top Full-Figure Model season might work. What about a season featuring male models? I thought about a season featuring drag queens, but it appears that RuPaul is already piecing that show together as I type.

A note to Tyra and company: It’s time to give the waifs a break. Let the gene pools replenish. Then go back to the girls. Or keep same format. Just make the contestants dynamic. And don’t you dare give me the same lackluster finale I saw last week.

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