Monday Morning Quarterbacking

If you missed it yesterday, check out my review of the new Meli in Fells Point. When I interviewed Damon Hersh, executive chef of Kali's Court, he said that  it completed the Kali's Restaurant Group's trio of three very different places: high end (Kali's), mid-priced (Mezze) and very casual (Meli).

I was expecting something quite different, especially because Meli calls itself a "patisserie and bistro," with patisserie coming first. Hersh even described it as Fells Point's answer to Little Italy's Vaccaro's, a place to stop for coffee and a sweet.

If anything, to me Mezze seems to be more casual, a tapas bar where you can get just a nibble with drinks if you don't want a lot of food. That's harder to do at Meli. ...

I'm sure they wouldn't turn you away if all you wanted was dessert. But it's just more restaurant than I expected.  If Kali's Court had a casual menu, I would expect it to be the same as Meli's, even down to the orchid on one of the plates. (Not my favorite garnish.)

If you've been there, I'd be interested to hear if you agree.

Suddenly a lot's going on in Fells Point. The new seafood restaurant Riptide by the Bay has opened on Thames, and Fin will be opening in the Admiral Fell Inn sometime soon. Still haven't heard any more about Miss Irene's.

Updates welcome. 

(Chiaki Kawajiri/Sun photographer)

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