Fab Five Friday

More than any other cocktail, the mojito is the quintessential summer drink, methinks.

When made well, the icy mix of sugar, lime, mint, rum and soda water tickles my fancy.

And Baltimore has a few bars and clubs that make really good mojitos.

Here they are ...

1. Little Havana, 1325 Key Highway

So good. Like Sturmy said, it's far and way the best in town. No contest. 

2. Holy Frijoles, 908 W. 36th St.

Bad service or not, Holy Frijoles has one heck of a mojito. I like how they top it off with ginger beer -- that way it's never too sweet.

3. Club One, 300 E. Saratoga St.

I'll admit, I've never had one here. But I've heard so many great recommendations from trusted friends that it has to make the list.

4. Mama's on the Half Shell, 2901 O'Donnell St.

The limes are fresh-pressed at Mama's. But the bartenders do tend to make their mojitos a tad sweet. Just be ready. 

5. Babalu Grill, Power Plant Live

Bablu has a couple different decent mojitos to choose from. Just don't expect to get the most well-made drinks when the place is packed on a Friday or Saturday night.

(Photo from Sun archives) 

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