Behind the scenes at Lo-Fi

Some of the story behind why the Lo-Fi Social Club closed went dark is starting to emerge.

Peter Goode, who booked the club for about six months, sent me an email statement Monday with his side of the story. ...

According to Goode, owner Neil Freebairn never paid him for booking the club, despite repeated promises to do so.

"I have wasted half a year of my life because of Neil's promises to me and beyond not fulfilling those, he is not paying me money that he owes me and is illegally using my copyrighted images on his website which he refuses to take down," Goode wrote. "I implore you to not support this club in any way shape or form."

Freebairn has not returned any of my calls for comment on why the club is no longer hosting shows.

Goode plans to pursue legal action against Freebairn.

"I don't think anybody should have to endure anything like what happened to me or bands that were left standing outside of a shut down club or traveling bands that have shown up to find out that Neil booked another show instead and never showed the decency to call and notify the bands," he wrote.

"This club owner is a dishonest crook that should not be worked with. I intensely regret ever having any involvement with him and his establishment."

More to come ... 

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