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A very sandy welcome

Welcome, beach bums, to The Beach Life.

I'll be the lifeguard, bus driver and host this summer. I'm Peter Arrabal, and I'll tip you off to beach activities, nightlife experiences, dining establishments and more.

I have lived in Ocean City for the last seven summers and know this area from Assateague Island to the Delaware line and beyond. Ocean City offers much more than the beach and Seacrets, and there's no reason why you shouldn't know about it.

Before you sit in that 12-mile backup on Route 50 before the Bay Bridge, check here for the things to do in Ocean City. I’ll clue you in on places to eat, drink and have fun.

When your vacation is over, recover from your sunburn and leave a comment about your trip. Maybe it's something I missed or will write about in the future.

If you ask nicely, I may even tell you where to catch some fish around here.

Please wash the sand off of your feet before entering this blog. The computers hate sand and I hate sweeping up after people.

And, sorry, I can't do anything about the traffic or the parking. Take the bus, it's only $2.

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