A pizza place I didn't know about

Anybody heard of the following pizza place? I didn't think there was a restaurant in this area that would get this much praise and wasn't new that I didn't know anything about. And speaking of two-cuisine restaurants, an Italian restaurant owned by a Thai gentleman?

Here's Jay J.'s recommendation: ... 

"We would like to suggest [a restaurant] that we feel merits a review. If you have already reviewed it, we don't remember it. 

"It is the NY Pizza Company that is located at 10995 Owings Mills Blvd. in Owings Mills, Maryland. It offers a good variety of Italian entrees in addition to numerous different pizzas. The homemade marinara sauce is prepared each morning by the owner, a Thai gentleman. He has told us that he was given the recipe by a former owner of an Italian restaurant whose land was taken over by the City of Baltimore for new development. He said that it takes 4 hours to prepare and that he does so before his staff comes to work. Part of his staff is his teenage sons. who are being taught the restaurant business from the bottom up.

"The physical facility is extremely clean and attractive. The booths have higher than usual dividers that assure privacy. There are  also tables for larger parties and those who don't care about a booth. The kitchen and the cooking staff are in full view of the customers, which he has told us is deliberate as he wants all to know that it and they are clean.

"The menu is a little different in that it offers a picture of each entrée. If customers (such as my wife and I) would like a change to the entrée as printed, the owner is more than willing to do so.

"He, by the way, presented every customer a piece of homemade coconut cake on the evening before Mother's Day.

"After re-reading that which I have written, I feel as though I need to state that we are not in any way related to the owner or his family. We just feel that it's a nice place to have a good, fairly priced meal and the owner could use more business."

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