As the smoke cleared...

Manager Dave Trembley kept his post-game remarks brief, which was fine with a certain reporter who usually transcribes his quotes for Sun beat reporter Jeff Zrebiec.

The session lasted 3 minutes, 34 seconds – or roughly the amount of time it took for Greg Aquino to begin wishing that everyone had ignored the bullpen phone.

Trembley said he wasn’t concerned with the state of his bullpen and the lack of a rested long reliever.

“I think we’ll be OK,” he said. “That’s why we stretched Aquino out. Aquino was in a situation where he had to go. He had to give us as much as we possibility could out of him. I think we’ll be OK tomorrow. (Jim) Johnson will be available tomorrow. We can bring (Dennis) Sarfate back. I’d stay away from Aquino. (Randor) Bierd’s probably all right for an inning, and the other guys at the end will be fine – (Jamie) Walker, (Chad) Bradford, (George) Sherrill. But obviously you can’t afford to have these kinds of games often because, we’ve said that repeatedly, it takes its toll on your bullpen. You need to have your starting pitchers get you to a certain point and place in the game where you’re not overusing that bullpen. This is one game and that’s the way it goes and we’ll be ready tomorrow.”




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