No joy from Johns Hopkins

Just got off the phone with Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala, who is still steamed about the Blue Jays' 8-7 overtime loss to Hofstra on Saturday.

Asked if he has had time to digest Johns Hopkins' first loss in four games this season, Pietramala said, "You don't digest that. I'm upset. I felt like we allowed an opportunity to slip by. As poorly as we played, we still had an opportunity to win, and that's the hard part."

What was particularly agonizing to Pietramala was his team's seemingly lackadaisical start. The Pride won seven of 10 faceoffs in the first quarter en route to scoring six goals against Johns Hopkins in that period. But after that quarter, the Blue Jays won six of nine faceoffs and kept Hofstra from scoring another goal for a 45-minute period spanning the second, third and fourth quarters.

"We didn't all of a sudden invent an unbelievable defense or an unbelievable offense," Pietramala said. "We just played smarter. ... Simply put, We didn't match Hofstra's intensity in the beginning."

The Blue Jays' slow start against Hofstra mirrored the team's beginning against UMBC last Tuesday. The Retrievers scored the game's first two goals, but Johns Hopkins rebounded and won, 10-8.

"You have to be concerned because that means that the team is not coming out of the locker room ready to play, and that's on the players and the coaches," Pietramala said. "Our mental outlook in the first two games has been different from the last two games, and that's something that we have to focus on."

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