International Day of Awesomeness

It's today, you know.

International Day of Awesomeness (IDA) is also Chuck Norris' birthday -- and for good reason.

No one is more awesome than Norris.

Not even Ed Norris.

By the way, can you believe Chuck Norris is almost 70? He certainly doesn't look it.

Probably because, while most people receive injections of Botox as they age, he drains the vital essence out of Muppets and drinks it, a la The Dark Crystal

You can celebrate IDA by performing a random act of awesomeness -- alone or with friends.

I'm going to peel out for exactly 33 seconds in my car, then head back to 1955 for a malt milkshake.

(I have a straw that reaches across the room). 

What will you do?

(AP Photo) 


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