ESPN's Lunardi perfect on Selection Sunday

ESPN's bracketologist Joe Lunardi correctly predicted 65 of 65 teams for this year's NCAA Tournament. The last time I talked with Joe was about a month ago for this blog. At the time, he was optimistic about the Terps' chances for making the Big Dance but, of course, Maryland didn't hold up its end losing five of its last six games.

I'm happy to see Lunardi bat 1.000 on this. Sometime back in the Middle Ages, a young Joe Lunardi -- whose full-time job is now as the chief marketing officer for St. Joseph's University -- worked as a sports stringer for me at a small newspaper in suburban Philadelphia where I was the sports editor. Joe was an eager, bright young fellow who wrote clean copy and wore a baseball cap at the keyboard.

So I'm taking full credit for his career.

Photo credit:  Courtesy of St. Joseph's University

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