ECW raises the bar

ECW champion Chavo Guerrero and CM Punk put on the best televised match of the week last night on ECW. I know, it’s only Tuesday, but it still was a great match and better than anything that was on Raw Monday night.

The Guerrero-Punk program has been OK, but it was starting to get a bit stale because they have wrestled each other numerous times. However, last night’s match – which Guerrero won – was by far their best one, and now I’m actually looking forward to seeing them meet again.

Both guys worked hard in what was a high-impact match that told a good story. I really thought Punk was going to win the title, and the fact that Guerrero retained was a little deflating. No offense to Guerrero, who is a fine worker, but unless WWE is planning to “graduate” Punk to Raw or Smackdown, I don’t understand why he isn’t wearing the ECW belt around his waist.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

I’ve never been overly excited to watch Tommy Dreamer, I can’t stand The Miz and I wasn’t particulalry interested in Colin Delaney, but I enjoyed the tag-team match that pitted Dreamer and Delaney against Miz and John Morrison. I have gradually started to warm up to the Delaney underdog story line, and I thought Delaney showed some personality when he attacked Miz and Morrison with a chair. Delaney definitely has the likable-nerd thing working for him, and this is the perfect role for Dreamer. …

Shelton Benjamin and Stevie Richards had a good match in which Benjamin prevailed, but Richards was competitive. It’s pretty amazing that someone as talented as Benjamin has yet to get past mid-card status. Perhaps a valet or a manager would help get him over the hump. As for Richards, I think the crowd would really get behind him if given the right story line. …

Kelly Kelly and Layla had a nice pull-apart in the back. It was again teased that Kelly Kelly will be next year’s Playboy cover girl. If she keeps improving and WWE decides to give her a major push, Kelly Kelly could end up becoming the company’s top diva. By the way, has she dumped Balls Mahoney?

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