Not bad for a walk-on

If I was writing Recruiting Report five years ago when Joey Haynos was a high school senior, he most likely would not have been mentioned in this space.

I wouldn't have been alone in giving so little, if any, attention to Haynos.

Haynos (pictured here as a 6-foot-7, 220-pound freshman at Maryland) did not have a recruiting profile on either Rivals or Scout.

You can read more about Haynos' unlikely path from Terps walk-on to NFL combine invitee in an article I wrote for today.

But looking back, Haynos said he's happy he was overlooked from a recruiting perspective.

"Five stars and all that stuff, it’s ridiculous," Haynos said. "It makes kids so full of themselves because they feel like they don’t have to work. I think that was one of the best things to happen to me because I had to prove myself."

The Maryland staff gave Haynos the routine walk-on sell -- Bust your butt for a year or two, then we’ll see where you're at. If you work hard, you can earn a scholarship.

Haynos obviously took advantage of the opportunity, embracing that 'something to prove' attitude. Joe Haynos, Joey's father, recalled just how serious his son was about proving the gurus wrong.

"I can remember talking to Ralph Friedgen and him telling me, [Joey] will be on the scout team. I said, 'Well he’s not coming here to be a scout-team player.' Friedgen must’ve thought I was crazy, but lo and behold, it came to pass."

So take heed, potential DI walk-ons -- you could be the next Joey Haynos.

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