No, I don't get drunk

When I tell people I do the nightlife column for The Sun, they almost always say:

"Wow. That's a cool job. So, you just go out and get drunk for free?"

Not exactly.

If I'm reviewing a bar, the owner doesn't know I'm coming.

And unless I'm called out on it, I never identify myself.

That way, I get the same treatment as everybody else. 

The Sun usually pays for a drink. Maybe two. That's it.

I don't get wasted, either.

When I review a place, I make mental notes of the decor, service and atmosphere.

Back when I started doing this, I kept a pen and paper in my pocket and would occasionally dart into the bathroom to write down details. But now I'm pretty good at taking mental notes.

So, yes, writing a nightlife column is a blast. But it's not one binge after another.  

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