Fab Five Friday

Thanks again for all your winter bar suggestions.

Since things got out of hand last week, let me make it clear: Brewer's Art, Max's Taphouse and the Dog Pub are retired from these lists because they've been mentioned so many times before.

Here it is: my list of the five best winter bars.

1. The Wharf Rat, 801 S. Ann St.

The massive fireplace, the fresh-brewed ales on tap made it an easy No. 1.  

2. Bertha's (pictured), 734 S. Broadway

Three words: hot buttered rum. 

3. Dizzy Issie's, 300 W. 30th St. 

A fireplace isn't the only cozy aspect of this comfortable neighborhood bar. 

4. Mum's, 1132 S. Hanover St.

Ask them for a shot of Evil. Trust me. It will warm you right up. 

5. One World Cafe, 100 W. University Parkway 

Hot drinks are key, and One World has plenty of them. 

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