Canseco's party and Debbie Clemens' hGH use

Rep. Tom Davis went through the circumstances of a party at Jose Canseco's Florida home. Brian McNamee has said that Roger Clemens attended with the possible implication being that it may have been a jumping off point for Clemens' interest in steroids and hGH. But no one else who was at the party recalls Clemens being there. Clemens said he doesn't recall being there and he has a receipt from a golf course showing he played golf that day.

Questioning by Rep. John Tierney focused on Clemens telling congressional staff that had never had a conversation with McNamee about hGH but then admitting that he did have heated conversations with McNamee about McNamee injecting Debbie Clemens with hGH. Pressed by Tierney to reconcile that inconsistency, Clemens' response seemed to be that he had no hGH conversations with McNamee prior to the Debbie Clemens event. The response did not appear on point and Tierney gave up on the line of questioning.

Rep. Dan Burton, if not a Clemens ally, launched an attack on McNamee's credibility by pointing out times he failed to tell the truth about steroids in press accounts and to investigators. Burton called Clemens a "titan" in baseball and attacked McNamee for ruining Clemens' reputation.

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