As early morning turns to mid-morning

It's another gorgeous day here in Fort Lauderdale. Players are heading to the back fields for another workout.

As expected, Scott Moore will be getting a look in the outfield. That seems to be the new Oriole Way. Players who are blocked at one position start taking fly balls in left. Happens every spring.

Moore has another option remaining and could get squeezed off the roster. It would help if he could pull a Freddie Bynum and play the outfield.

Esteban Yan said he weighed 225 when he broke into the majors with the Orioles in 1996. Now he's up to 258.

It'll happen to all of us, I suppose, if it hasn't already.

Ramon Hernandez and Matt Wieters sat together at their lockers again this morning. Hernandez seems to enjoy being the veteran who looks after Wieters and offers advice. And the 2008 version of Ramon Hernandez seems to be a much better role model.

Hernandez said he didn't have anyone counseling him when he first came up, and he doesn't want Wieters to feel lost.

More raves for Chris Tillman. People who have watched him throw marvel at his fluid delivery. He seems pretty advanced for 19.




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