Listing the Orioles

Having sifted through this Mitchell Report, which weighs more than a Warren Sapp family reunion, here are the players with Orioles ties who are included in it:

Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, Larry Bigbie, David Segui, Rafael Palmeiro, Jack Cust, Jason Grimsley, Miguel Tejada, Jerry Hairston, Tim Laker, Kevin Brown, Gary Matthews Jr., Gregg Zaun, Howie Clark, Todd Williams and Kent Mercker.

Some performances were enhanced more than others.

You can pretty much pick out the guys who would say they were just trying to recover from injuries and save their careers.

Brady Anderson said he had no idea he was on the leaked list, which proved to be inaccurate. He was napping earlier in the day and said he didn't care about the report. When a friend joked that he was sure Anderson would be in it, Anderson replied: "I'm not and I'll give you 1000-1 odds."

He later found "condolence" messages from other friends who saw the leaked list.

Each time I remind Anderson that many people are convinced he was juiced when he hit 50 home runs, he always comes back with the same response:

"If that's true, why didn't I hit 50 the next year, or anytime after that? I guess all that money and fame got to be a burden, so I stopped. Or the next year I discovered they didn't really work."

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