Tuesday with Ralph

Things remain status quo here in College Park:

Once again, Ralph Friedgen is toying with the idea of playing Jordan Steffy.

For the third straight week, the left tackle position could be in the hands of walk-on Paul Pinegar -- a scenario that's obviously not ideal, but Ralph did give Pinegar his vote of confidence today.

Here's something interesting about the whole left tackle situation (starter Scott Burley and his backup, freshman Bruce Campbell, are both dealing with high ankle sprains). Ralph said today that Campbell was NOT supposed to play at North Carolina. But he did.

"They (the doctors) told me there was no way he could play," Friedgen said. "And then when Burley went down, next thing I know I see Campbell in the game." 

First of all, what did they give that kid that all of a sudden he was able to go in there? I want what he's having to get through Saturday's game.

The good news for the Woe-line is that Andrew Crummey might be back next weekend. He's out of the boot and off the crutches.

Dr. Friedgen also said linebacker Dave Philistin is playing with a shoulder "that comes out." And Erin Henderson is still having trouble walking after his gruesome back injury (see tomorrow's paper for more on that).

Travis Ivey and Dan Gronkowski still don't seem ready to return.

Other than that, Ralph's press conference was an extended version of the following:

"I'm not backing down," he said. "I'm not going to stop working. That's just the way I am. I'm not down. I'm motivated. I'm going to get this thing right and we're going to win football games here at Maryland." 

Just not this weekend.

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