A closer look at Soulja Boy lyrics

As we've noted in earlier posts, the Soulja Boy dance is sweeping the nation, with teachers and students finding a rare meeting ground in pep rallies and the classroom.

But a casual conversation with my colleague Brent -- whose own eyes had been opened by some students -- spurred a closer study of the, um, rather interesting lyrics of this incredibly catchy song.  Let's just say that I doubt quite so many educators would be jumping in Soulja Boy's ride if they knew what he was planning -- or where he was going.

This ... revelation made me think back to a few years ago, when another popular song had the nation -- including then presidential hopeful Gen. Wesley Clark -- talking about shaking it "like a Polaroid picture." But OutKast's "Hey Ya" basically laments the problems of monogamy -- something many fans most likely hadn't gleaned as they were shaking it with abandon.

So now I'll ask y'all: Where do you think the line should be drawn as educators try to make pop-culture connections with their students?  Should we care about the lyrics -- difficult to understand anyway -- or is it all about the music?

[By Arin Gencer] 

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