Next Great American Band

The Next Great American Band was not the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad.

But that was no big surprise.

These guys dress up in costumes -- one with a unicorn head -- and play songs like "Don't Let Jesus Ruin Your Day."

But they did make it through the first round of the reality show, which started airing earlier this month. 

Of the 7,000 bands who applied to the show, only 60 were picked to perform in front of the judges in Las Vegas.

DMFS was one of them.

"It was all so chaotic," said guitarist Ryan Graham. ...

(Photo courtesy of the band) 

DMFS was in Vegas for four days partying like rock stars. But they didn't trash their hotel rooms like rock stars. 

"We were too busy in the casino getting drunk," Graham said. "That's what we spent a lot of time doing. they were giving us a lot of comp drinks."

Unfortunately, the band didn't make the cut.

But Goo Goo Dolls front man John Rzeznik did say he'd buy their album. Score! 

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