Fab Five Friday

This is by far one of the trickiest lists I've come up with. Thanks for some great suggestions.

Here you go: the five best places for blind dates.

1. Tapas Teatro, 1711 N. Charles St. (pictured)

From Maryann James, Sun dating columnist/blogger: You can have a drink, and if it goes well, you can bond over the so-played out tapas concept, and if it's even better, check out a movie at the Charles. also, since it's tapas, if the date falls flat midway through your meal, it's not like it's a long, drawn-out dinner to wade through. 

2. One World Cafe, 100 W. University Parkway

Here's a fun, fairly low-key locale where you can have a coffee or something stronger, and then, if everything goes well, move on to dinner (and more drinks). It's not too far north of the Charles or too far south of the Rotunda if you want to see a movie.

3. Ale Mary's, 1939 Fleet St.

This cozy corner bar is clean and rarely crowded around dinnertime, which means you can talk at a normal volume. The food is good and decently priced. Plus, the place's religious-themed decor gives you something to talk about if the conversation runs dry. 

4. Sobo Cafe, 6 W. Cross St.

Probably the most expensive spot on the list, Sobo is a cute little restaurant with a small bar. It's intimate and romantic, but not over the top. 

5. Red Brick Station, White Marsh

I nominate this spot based on its success rate. From commenter Andrew: "About five years ago I went on a blind date at Red Brick Station in White Marsh. We're getting married in two weeks. So yeah, that turned out pretty well ..."

(Michelle Gienow/The Sun) 

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