Ocean City action

Just got back from a weekend downy ocean.

Friday night a bunch of us went to the Purple Moose Saloon. I'm thinking about writing a nightlife column on it for the LIVE section in the next couple of weeks. You guys ever been there? It's a trip. Outside it may have been 2007, but it's always 1995 in the Purple Moose. Wooooo!

We didn't go to my favorite OC bar, though. And of course, I can't remember the name right now. But it kind of reminds me of Baltimore: narrow, deep and a little dirty. It has cheap beer and one of the best drinking games I've ever played.

Near the back wall, a metal ring hangs down from the ceiling on a string. There is a metal hook on the wall a few feet away. You swing the ring and try to get it on the hook.

It sounds kind of boring, but it's easy enough that anyone can play, and if you've had a couple drinks, it can keep you entertained for quite some time.

Has anyone else been to this place? What's its name? Help me remember. 

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