Bodog Fight heavyweight: Branden Lee Hinkle vs. Roman Zentsov

I give the first round to Branden Lee Hinkle.  He controlled almost the entire first round on the ground, ending up on Roman Zentsov's back a couple of times, achieving side control, and punching fairly effectively on the ground.

Hinkle wins the second round, using pretty much the same playbook that he used in the first round.  PRIDE veteran Mark Coleman is cornering Hinkle and is quite vocal with his instructions.

In the third round, the crowd is as loud as it's been all night, booing as Hinkle repeats his gameplan from the first two rounds.  The ref finally does stand the two back up but Hinkle scores yet another takedown.  Hinkle is clearly the more dominant fighter in the fight but simply can't finish Zentsov off, to the dismay of the fans.

I score this 30-27 for Hinkle.

Official result: Hinkle wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

The crowd boos the result. 

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