Nick Mosby outlines housing plan for Baltimore mayoral campaign

Nick Mosby outlined his plan for housing if elected as Baltimore's next mayor.

Baltimore mayoral candidate and City Councilman Nick J. Mosby released a wide-ranging housing plan Thursday with a strategy for combating lead paint, rapidly rehousing homeless and replacing the housing commissioner.

Mosby, who represents West Baltimore, said the city's "failed policies and old ideas" have blocked progress. One part of his plan is for new zones -- to be called Building on Leveraged Development, or BOLD zones -- around neighborhood anchors to focus redevelopment efforts.

"That's why we will make Baltimore more livable by combating the public health crisis and public nuisance of lead paint," Mosby said in a statement. "We will partner with private partners to target investment around neighborhood anchors and create BOLD zones for neighborhood investment and improvement."

Mosby released his plan to a list of supporters Thursday.

Businessman David Warnock, one of Mosby's Democratic challengers, is expected to outline his plan at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Among Mosby's ideas is to declare lead paint a public nuisance and create a task force to check all properties for the dangerous substance. He wants to resolve issues when it's discovered, register the properties with the state and refer lead paint victims to private lawyers.

To address Baltimore's homeless, Mosby says he was to duplicate programs that have worked elsewhere in the country to rapidly rehouse homeless men, women and children.

Mosby also reiterated his plan to replace Baltimore Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano. He also wants to replace the agency's inspector general and audit its spending and performance.

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