Police arrest Florida man in rape of Baltimore teenager

Baltimore police have arrested a Florida man on charges he raped a Baltimore teenager after offering the girl and her friend a ride from Lexington Market.

A 16-year-old girl entered her address and her friend's address into 26-year-old Darius Leon Curry's smartphone on Wednesday to direct him to their drop-off locations, police said Friday. Curry, a resident of Pompano, Fla., dropped the victim's friend off and then proceeded to the girl's home.

Police say Curry pulled over the vehicle in the 2600 block of Waterview Ave. in South Baltimore's Westport neighborhood, overpowered the girl and sexually assaulted her.

Curry then drove the victim home, police said.

Once she got out of the car, the victim used her cellphone camera to record Curry as he drove away. She immediately called police and relayed his vehicle information.

"The victim's quick thinking led to a video recording of Curry's license plate, vehicle make and model," police said.

Police tracked the vehicle to a Florida leasing company that had reported the car stolen April 23. The company told detectives the vehicle was equipped with the security and navigation system OnStar. Using the OnStar information, the city police helicopter unit tracked the car to an area near Perring Parkway and Hillen Road in Northeast Baltimore.

Patrol officers were then able to locate the vehicle and identify and arrest Curry later on Wednesday. He was taken to Central Booking and Intake Center, where he was charged with second-degree rape, related sex offenses and second degree assault.



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