Howard County Football Power Rankings: Week 2

Well, that didn’t take long. Any hopes of the power rankings holding up throughout the season have already been dashed. It wasn’t exactly a Buster-Douglas-knocking-out-Mike Tyson-type upset, though. It was then-No. 10 Mt. Hebron shutting out then-No. 9 Oakland Mills, 26-0. All of the other rankings held up, though I have a funny feeling that the No. 5-7 spots could be in for a shakeup in the coming weeks.

Because of Tropical Storm Lee, there are no games this weekend. All games are scheduled for Monday, Sept. 12. Here is the schedule: (Admission is free.)

Oakland Mills at Wilde Lake, 2:30 PM, Cedar Lane Park Field #5

River Hill at Long Reach, 2:30 PM, Cedar Lane Park  Field #6

Howard at Atholton, 2:30 PM, Rockburn Park Field #5

Hammond at Mt. Hebron, 2:30 PM, Rockburn Park Field #6

Marriotts Ridge at Reservoir, 2:30 PM, Western Regional Field #4

Glenelg at Centennial, 5:30 PM, Western Regional Field #4

(If you're smart, like me, you can go see one of the 2:30 games, AND the Glenelg-Centennial game)

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On to the rankings:

1. River Hill (1-0, 28 points for-7 points against)

So far, so good in Clarksville.

Last week: Beat Reservoir, 28-7. This week: at Long Reach.

2. Hammond (1-0, 16-12)

Sophomore quarterback Tyler Martin looked more than adequate in his debut. In fact, the Golden Bears look pretty similar to last year’s team that went 10-2.

Last week: Beat Wilde Lake, 16-12. This week: at Mt. Hebron.

3. Atholton (0-1, 39-0)

The Raiders managed to make a pretty strong statement in their predetermined loss, and that statement was, “We intend to finish the regular season 9-1!”

Last week: Lost to Glenelg by forfeit. This week: home against Howard.

4. Wilde Lake (0-1, 12-16)

The Wildecats were evenly matched with defending co-county champion Hammond, as the game came down to a pair of missed extra points (one botched kick and one failed run) and three second-quarter turnovers.

Last week: Lost to Hammond, 16-12. This week: home against Oakland Mills. 

5. Reservoir (0-1, 7-28)

The Gators put up a fight, but lost by three touchdowns to River Hill. Still, nothing to panic over.

Last week: Lost to River Hill, 28-7. This week: home against Marriotts Ridge.

6. Long Reach (1-0, 55-14)

In Week 1, Long Reach showed it will be able to put up some points. Right now, the Lightning has the top scoring offense in the league.

Last week: Beat Marriotts Ridge, 55-14. This week: home against River Hill.

7. Howard (1-0, 41-0) 

The Lions had arguably the most dominant Week 1 showing, and they also displayed an effective passing game, as Ryan Wade tossed two long TDs. 

Last week: Beat Centennial, 41-0. This week: at Atholton. 

8. Glenelg (1-0, 0-39) 

Yep, the Gladiators were outscored, 39-0, and they’re 1-0. You read that right.

Last week: Beat Atholton by forfeit. This week: at Centennial.

9. (Last week: 10.) Mt. Hebron (1-0, 26-0) 

Of the teams that were pegged to have a bounce-back season, the Vikings seem to be the most ready to fulfill the hype. Sophomore Zach Nicholas broke a 75-yard touchdown run in their Week 1 win.

Last week: Beat Oakland Mills, 26-0. This week: home against Hammond. 

10. (9.) Oakland Mills (0-1, 0-26)

The Scorpions have enough playmakers to avoid slipping outside the bubble, but they have to be upset with last week’s result.

Last week: Lost to Mt. Hebron, 26-0. This week: at Wilde Lake.

On the bubble: Centennial (0-1, 0-41), Marriotts Ridge (0-1, 14-55).

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