Howard County wrestling rankings, third edition

With the regular season winding down, the rankings are beginning to round into shape.

Big movers in the third edition are Mt. Hebron's Jeff Hayden (106) who was a finalist at the Battle at the Base, River Hill's Lee Carter (120), who upset Wilde Lake's Jordan Trinh, 5-4, Centennial's Hutson Baumann (132), who edged Glenelg's Austin Pagnotta, 4-1, and Atholton's Patrick Mullens (152), who defeated Oakland Mills' David Ulysse, 1-0, on Tuesday.

The return of Raven Coleman-Brooks (145) to the Hammond line-up shakes things up at 145 and 152, where teammate Jonathan Goodwin bumped back up to.

152 was especially difficult to figure out because Reservoir's Brian Beach, Centennial's Nick Shearin, River Hill's Donovan DeLore, Glenelg's Troy Walter, Wilde Lake's Ryan Drazenovic and Mt. Hebron's Stefan Chavis have all beaten each other, more or less. I tried to come up with the best solution, but it's certainly open to discussion.

There is a similar situation at 182 between Hammond's Michael Waters, Atholton's Matt Fields, Oakland Mills' Dominick Clarke and Glenelg's Curran Robertson.

Throw in a few situations where I can't figure out what weight a wrestler is going to be at for the county tournament, or if and when a wrestler is coming back from injury, and there is plenty to discuss.

On to the rankings!

1. Zach Hensley, Oakland Mills junior
2. Michael Beck, River Hill soph.
3. Jeff Hayden, Mt. Hebron freshman
4. Jeff Barbera, Marriotts Ridge senior
5. Troy Kilcarr, Reservoir freshman
6. Tim Null, Glenelg freshman

1. Alex Polonsky, Wilde Lake senior
2. Mason Kilcarr, Reservoir soph.
3. Taariq Mohammed, River Hill junior
4. Ronald Hindman, Long Reach junior
5. Austin Miller, Glenelg junior
6. Joe Quattrone, Reservoir junior

1. Tony Farace, Oakland Mills senior
2. Lee Carter, River Hill junior
3. Jordan Trinh, Wilde Lake junior
4. Christian Jordan, Marriotts Ridge
5. Ricky Gezelle, Glenelg senior
6. Alex Bisant, Mt. Hebron soph.*

* Mount Airy Christian's Jesse Cherry defeated Bisant at the Franklin Invitational.

1. Nathan Kraisser, Centennial senior
2. Connor Strunk, Mt. Hebron freshman
3. Daniel Andrews, Wilde Lake junior
4. Mike Budock, Glenelg soph.
5. Patrick Linden, River Hill senior
6. Philip Frazier, Atholton soph.

1. Malik Jackson, Wilde Lake soph.
2. Hutson Baumann, Centennial soph.
3. Austin Pagnotta, Glenelg soph.
4. Wilson Low, Hammond senior
5. Christian Lee, River Hill senior
6. Paul Quattrone, Reservoir soph.

1. Sam Rowell, Reservoir freshman
2. Ryan Carter, Glenelg junior
3. Brian Kirby, River Hill freshman
4. Codi Parton, Marriotts Ridge senior
5. Sameh Boulos, Centennial soph.
6. Michael Moore, Oakland Mills senior

1. Joe Kendrick, Mt. Hebron junior
2. Joe Zoller, Glenelg soph.
3. Wesley Beattie, Reservoir soph.
4. Justin Burkett, Marriotts Ridge senior
5. Raheem Brown, Wilde Lake junior
6. Raven Coleman-Brooks, Hammond junior

1. Jonathan Goodwin, Hammond senior
2. Patrick Mullens, Atholton junior
3. David Ulysse, Oakland Mills senior
4. Brian Beach, Reservoir junior
5. Nick Shearin, Centennial junior
6. Nawwal Ibad, Mt. Hebron senior

1. Bryan Overton, Hammond junior
2. Anthony Pagnotta, Glenelg junior
3. Tola Morakinyo, Wilde Lake junior
4. Jack Noonan, River Hill senior
5. Joey Wysocki, Centennial senior
6. Ashton Stennett, Atholton senior

1. Cory Daniel, River Hill soph.
2. Emilio Altamirano, Atholton senior
3. Tyler Asher, Glenelg senior
4. Josh Thibodeaux, Hammond junior
5. Lyle Fugate, Marriotts Ridge junior
6. Benjamin Tucker, Centennial senior

1. Omar Messallam, River Hill senior
2. Nick Loiselle, Howard senior
3. Michael Waters, Hammond senior
4. Matt Fields, Atholton junior
5. Dominick Clarke, Oakland Mills junior
6. Curran Robertson, Glenelg junior

1. Logan Kirby, River Hill soph.
2. Mike Sullivan, Reservoir soph.
3. Glenn Lucas, Glenelg senior
4. Humphrey Anuh, Hammond junior
5. Jared Rodriguez, Howard soph.
6. Chris Park, Marriotts Ridge soph.

1. Jacob Benedict, River Hill senior
2. Justin Jung, Glenelg senior
3. Ryan Hassan, Mt. Hebron sophomore
4. Will Hester, Oakland Mills senior
5. Calvin Collins, Wilde Lake junior
6. Pedro Iriarte, Reservoir senior

1. Jason Johnson, River Hill senior
2. Sean Twigg, Glenelg junior
3. Mike Frazier, Howard senior
4. Roy Kadje, Oakland Mills junior
5. Payam Sojdehei, Atholton senior
6. Nico Jones, Wilde Lake senior

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