Nurturing the entrepreneur: Live Your Dream TV

Entrepreneurs, both established and wanna-be’s, have a new place to connect on the web. Live Your Dream TV offers tips, techniques and hopefully a whole lot of inspiration to entrepreneurs needing help or just wanting to spread the word about their services.

The daily webcasts were started in January by Columbia couple Mick and Tara Carbo. Their own entrepreneurial story is inspirational and still a work in progress. While they walk that hopeful road to success, the Hammond High School alums are committed to doing what they can to help others live their dream as well.

“We always wanted to be a service to other people,” says Mick, who formerly owned a ceramic and marble tile installation company. The business lost two large contracts at the same time Mick was thinking that there must be something more he could do.

“Tile is a hard business. You’re on your knees all the time,” says Tara. “We knew we were smart; we knew we were go-getters; we knew we were hard workers.”

Inspired by the book “Crush It: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion,” by Gary Vaynerchuk, Mick felt the time was right to change course. So the Carbos took a leap and launched Live Your Dream TV.

The shows are made up of interviews with entrepreneurs, both local and national, which are conducted by Tara, and short educational messages given by Mick. Entrepreneurs who watch the shows, typically about five minutes long, will be able to follow people in similar professions, build strategic partnerships and promote their products, say the Carbos.

“We want to talk about the real stuff -- not just the beautiful spotlight stuff,” says Tara. You know, the hard road.

The term entrepreneur is broad and can include artists and authors who’ve put a new spin on their careers, or nonprofit leaders. The couple isn’t above using the camera for event promotion, either. Shows are taped on location most of the time. Soon, LiveYourDreamTV hopes to partner with college entrepreneurial programs to provide regular educational real-life content.

Past webcasts have included interviews with Mike Weiner, founder of Network Referral Group, author and nutrition educator Nancy Parlette, personal trainer Stacy Erwin of Kansas City, Mo., who invented the exercise appliance Fitness Stride, and Patsy Anderson, who runs the annual Women’s Expo at the Community College of Baltimore County.

The Carbos are always looking for entrepreneurs who would like to share their stories. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and several other social video sites, as well as

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