Milk makeover: Howard County dairy farm's cheese a quick hit

Keeping up with the Joneses just got harder, that is, if you’re looking for a tasty bite of tomato basil cheddar or a creamy Swiss.

Tim and Mitzi Jones of Bowling Green Farm, and Tim’s dad Phil, have been running the Howard County dairy farm that goes back 10 generations. But milk just wasn’t cutting it when it came to paying the bills, says Mitzi Jones, and the family pondered what that could mean for the farm and its 200 Holsteins.

“We love our cows. We didn’t want to lose them,” says Jones. That’s when Tim’s Aunt Ann piped up with the golden question: What about cheese?

The Joneses found a small Pennsylvania cheese maker to send their milk to and what came back were blocks of cheddar, dill farmer, colby, swiss and mozzarella. The cheese made its debut at the Howard County Fair last August and sold out the first day.

“We couldn’t get our labels in time for the fair so we made our own instead. People didn’t seem to mind,” says Jones. They had to call the cheese maker and ask him to send more of their inventory, pronto.

Bowling Green Farm raises its cows from calves and doesn’t use bovine growth hormones, says Jones. The family grows the corn, alfalfa and soybeans that they feed their cows and only pasteurized milk is made into cheese.

Bowling Green Farm cheese also is available in flavored spreads like mustard dill and red wine. The cheese and spreads can be found at Roots Market, in Clarksville, David’s Natural Market, in Columbia, Clark’s Elioak Farm, in Ellicott City, and Breezy Willow CSA, in West Friendship. During the summer, look for it at farms like Larriland, in Woodbine, Sharp’s at Waterford, in Brookeville, and Triadelphia Lake View, in Glenelg, and at local farmers’ markets.

Bowling Green Farm, 1475 Underwood Road, Sykesville. 410-442-1348.

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