Keyes Creamery Making Homemade Ice Creams

Who knew that Goose Feathers could slide like silk going down the throat? Or that Cow’s Feet really hit the sweet spot on the tastebuds? Apparently David and Kelly Keyes of Keyes Creamery at Mt. Felix Farm found these secret ingredients and ice cream lovers in Harford County can be glad they did.

Ice cream never tasted so fresh as it does scooped into a bowl or in one of their famous ice cream pies. That’s because the frozen treat is made from milk harvested only during the grazing season, which makes all the difference in taste, whether it’s black raspberry or cappuccino crunch.

Same goes for Keyes’ cheese. “The cows eat more grass in spring, summer and fall and that affects the flavor of the milk and the color. It’s creamier. You can see it more in the cheese,” says David Kelly. They produce the standard cheddar and Colby plus ramped up versions like smoked horseradish cheddar, pepperoni cheddar and Colby Old Bay.

Keyes Creamery ice cream and cheese can be found at Richardson’s Farm Market in White Marsh, Wilson’s Farm Market in Bel Air and at area seasonal markets and events. Future plans include opening a stand near the farm to hand dip their own ice cream.

Keyes Creamery
3712 Aldino Road
Aberdeen, MD 21001

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