Churchville Golf Is a Family Affair

Searching for some good old-fashioned family fun that doesn’t involve a video game? If so, you should check out Churchville Golf Range.

This family-run recreation center, on Churchville Road, has two miniature golf courses, a driving range, nine softball and baseball batting cages, a golf pro shop and an arcade for those who still want their video game fix.

Joyce and Ken Rizer purchased, renovated and expanded this Churchville gem from Joyce’s parents in 1988. “Miniature golf has been around since the 1920s. …It never goes out of style. The old course here gets as much play as the new course,” says Ken Rizer. “Miniature golf is timeless. It’s not like a movie…you get to talk and interact with your family.”

For the last 24 years, Ken, Joyce, his two daughters Carrie and Katie, and his nephew, Shane Burke, have been instrumental in the family business. Ken’s wife has a green thumb and helps with landscaping, his daughters run the summer snowball stand and Burke keeps the facility running.

“My girls grew up in the business, and running the snowball stand gave them a sense of what a business is all about,” says Rizer. 

Burke, Rizer says, started working at the business in high school and he now “takes care of the whole facility.”

Rizer says one of the biggest rewards to running a family-operated business is being able to watch my children grow up. “I was able to work side by side with them, mentoring them all the way,” he says. “I was able to make it to every game, every class play and really be a part of their lives.” 

Churchville Golf
3040 Churchville Road
Churchville, MD 21028

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